Confusion at not being able to see a way out of a problem makes a person lose touch with themselves and their understanding of how to overcome difficulties which can make life unbearable.  

No current therapy exists which analyses a person and their problems from the sufferer's perspective. This makes current therapies ineffective because they can only see the problem from the way that the therapist understands them, not through the eyes of the person who is experiencing them..... this is why people can go on seeing a therapist for many years without feeling any better.

TST is a new non-medical therapy which clearly creates a safe, and easily understandable environment in which a person can understand their difficulties and see the way they can change themselves and their thinking to overcome them.

It is very easy to take medication but medication cannot change the way that we think and act and in many cases medication can make us feel worse and make it even more difficult for us to control our thoughts and emotions. Medication is an easy quick fix that can make our difficulties greater and longer lasting.

TST has helped people overcome mental and physical illnesses such as infertility, stress, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, phobias, anorexia, bulimia, dementia and schizophrenia. Many people have overcome disorders such as anxiety, phobias, stress, psychosis and schizophrenia in as little as 5-10 hours of therapy, WITHOUT THE USE OF ANY MEDICATION.



TST is a fast working therapy which instils within a person the ability to understand how to change. It empowers the ability to control the way that you think and act and from the first session people see and feel  results.

Unlike current medical and non-medical therapies, TST Therapy allows people to take full control over the management of their own condition.

We understand how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to try and find the right kind of help. We are here to advise you, your friends and family on TST as well as available NHS services that you may find helpful.

The Sikander Technique was developed as an alternative to psychiatry, psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy and their various branches. It is a non- medical therapy encompassing the mind, body and spirit which shows you how to regain your mental strength and inner peace to help overcome an unacceptable status quo.

A change in perspective, ideas and feelings not only alters your outlook on life, yourself and your relationships, it also gives you the power to change your mental and physical wellbeing.

Altering how we think, act and behave can be very hard to do. Currently available treatments try to help us to do so with the use of medication, but the resulting problems of addiction and side effects mean that most people are unhappy and dissatisfied with them. 

TST clearly shows you who you are and how to develop the ability to understand the way to change.Through this understanding you learn to adjust the way in which you think, act and behave - without the use of medication.



 TST seminars are held at TST Clinics in Solihull, Birmingham and Harley Street, London where individuals and couples can also be seen by appointment.